Matrix Property Vision

Build stability for your
financial future

We will help you find your way

1st Time Investor

  • Are you looking to dip your toe into property investment?
  • Do you have $60K or more in savings or access to cash?
  • Would you like to work with someone who is with you for the long haul in your property journey rather than a one off investment?
  • Would you like to deal with a person who cares about your situation enough to find the right solution for your circumstances?

2nd Time Investor

  • Do you already have an investment property and are looking to create a larger property portfolio?
  • Do you have $40K or more in equity or savings?
  • Are you interested in property investment but would like specialist advice from an expert?
  • Are you interested in building your wealth to provide a solid financial future for you and your family whilst growing your nest egg?

Experienced Investor

  • Do you already have a property portfolio and are looking to expand or better manage it to ensure that you are getting the maximum return from your investment?
  • Do you have $50K or more in equity?
  • Would you like to minimize your overall debt?
  • Are you in the best financial position you could be in?


Are you looking to invest in your financial future so that you can live the life you deserve?  Matrix Property Vision are the investment property specialists.  We take the stress out of buying an investment property and are with you for the entire journey ensuring that your experience is a positive one.

We work with you to find that ideal investment property with lucrative returns and will assist with finance and property management meaning that you can sit back and relax whilst your nest egg grows.

We will lead you into the world of investment properties and help you achieve your goals enabling you and your family to have a secure financial future. Now is the time to take the step and begin to build your wealth.

Who are we?

What's in it for you?

  1. Personal service
  2. Reputation
  3. Resourcefulness
  4. Experience
  5. Industry Knowledge
  6. Individual assessments
  7. Competitive Fees

What Makes Us Different?

We believe that building a property portfolio should be done with intentional purpose and with a goal in mind.

We are looking to have a long term relationship with you, to share you journey to wealth creation.

Personal service. We start with a phone call.  Not just an online form.

What our clients saying?

  • Corrie Wilgenhof
    We both want to thank you for the excellent service of Matrix Property Vision, and especially your kindness and professionalism. It was a pleasure buying a great house and we wish you all the best for the future.
    Corrie Wilgenhof
  • Barbara Castledine
    I can honestly say that my husband and I have been more than satisfied with our experience with Matrix Property Vision.  They are extremely professional and diligent in their duties as Property Managers and would highly recommend them both to our friends and family for property management.
    Barbara Castledine